Violin Violin — Bracha Kishinevsky Cello
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One of Bracha\'s students practising

My method is most similar to that of classical Galamian schools, though I allow my teaching style to remain dynamic so that I can build each lesson according to the student\'s needs.

With young students and beginners, I firmly believe that building a strong foundation is key to the development of masterful musicians. I place an emphasis on the importance of scales, arpeggios, and other exercises for the left and right hands to cultivate strength and technical ability. Without these solid foundations, musicians often find that their playing ability quickly reaches a plateau beyond which they will never pass to achieve an artful command of music.

And of course, no musician is complete without performance ability. I try to create as many performance opportunities for my students as possible, as performance ability is as important to the development of a musician as technical ability.