Violin Cello — Arkady Beletsky Cello
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Arkady playing with a student

In my teaching, I fuse my classical training by Russian cello masters with innovative approaches including the Suzuki method and my own “Plug-and-Play” method.

Building on decades of experience teaching all age groups, from beginners to advanced cellists, I always work with each student on the individual level, making mastering the cello manageable and fun.

I focus on musicianship, proper ergonomic handling of the instrument, discipline, and self-discovery. To maximize the engagement and effectiveness of each lesson, I use audio and video equipment to document important parts of the session to be reviewed at home.

I also utilize the power of multimedia to facilitate the mastery of musical collaboration, improvisation, and accompaniment; for example, I encourage some beginners to learn to play along with the cello parts in famous pieces by popular bands, such as The Beatles.